This is a micro-architecture project.  It is all about recreating some privacy in a common noisy, wide, or crowded space.  In today’s world we have torn down most of our walls:  we live in loft-like apartments and work in open-space offices.

Nevertheless, we still sometimes very much need to enjoy the comfort of some privacy. We still have to make phone calls that other people are not supposed to hear about. But we might also need to focus on our work and have to find a place where we can retrieve with our notebook for a few minutes our hours.

This is very much a new type of product addressing the problems and needs of today.  This is an acoustical cocoon made of fabric in order to absorb the surrounding noise as much as possible ( it is made out of recycled fabric ).  Then again, it is a very obvious and reassuring product since typologically it is very close to some very common products such as the public phone booth that has now vastly disappeared from our streets, or the typical small-wooden beach hut that tends to be a small world of its own once opened up and customized by its owner.

As for the” double” BuzziBooth, they will, in general, enable two persons to interact in a more confined and protected environment, either side by side or face to face.

The “BuzziBooth” is a tool for people and architects to play with. It is a micro-architecture whose purpose is also to bring a dynamic to space. 

It is available in several colors (pink, lime, orange, grey, black, white,… ) and can also be customized using different color combinations.