The BuzzHub is a shelter, a niche in which you can retrieve by yourself or with a co-worker when some privacy is needed to talk about a project. It is a place where you can escape from the surrounding noise and agitation generally found in large open-space offices or public places. Bring in your notes, laptop, or iPad and start focusing on what matters.

BuzziHub is a space where people can easily come together and share information. It has been designed to become a central point in the social life of an office. It can serve as a non-formal meeting room as people increasingly come to the office in order to connect with each other and not just work by themselves since they might already be working part-time at home or on the road.

When two BuzziHubs are used face to face they can really be seen as a micro-architecture, an enclosed cocoon. BuzziHub is a new typology of product clearly facilitating and addressing the needs of today:  instantaneity, privacy and the need to share information and communicate.

The BuzziHub has been designed in order to make you feel at home. It is a warm and comfortable environment made to facilitate communication and improve personal wellbeing.

It can be used as a module with which architects can play with in order to define spaces, bring warmth and perspectives to larger open areas.

The BuzzHub Single is a more private shelter than its larger brother.  It this case, the idea is really to be able to work by oneself and to concentrate on what matters and get the job done!

It was designed to feel comfortable but never-the-less to be in a position favoring a working attitude and concentration. Hence, for instance, the large cushion on the side that doubles as armrest is fairly stiff so that it can serve as support for the arm when typing on the computer and using one of the BuzziTables.

The BuzziHubs and BuzziHub Single & Sides are available in several colors (pink, lime, orange, grey, black, white,… ) and can also be customized using different color combinations.  It is fully upholstered with recycled fabric.