Container is a modular sideboard system. As if a regular sideboard had been split into different elements, different “containers”.

It is really a research on deconstruction and reconstruction. As if a “standard” sideboard with its different storage functionalities had been split into various elements just to be reconstructed in a different, uneven manner.

A research on the architecture of a piece in order to bring forward its construction logic. In a way, a “landing dock”, the base, and a few “containers” that can be set one on top of the other...  hens its name.

The work on the structure is further highlighted by the association of different materials and finishes applied to each structural element.

By playing with different types of finishes and settings several furniture pieces with their own personalities and functions can easily be created form the same original elements. Thus, it will either be seen as more a sideboard, dresser, media storage cabinet, or television stand and find its way into different rooms of the house.