The Cascade concept for Greenmood is a study of how plants can be used and hung in a space in a new way. It is a tool for architects that allows them to play with plants in new and innovative ways, and to create spaces that incorporate more biophilic elements to improve the well-being of the people who live in and use the space.

The concept takes inspiration from the natural world, from the many plants that fall from the treetops in dense jungles or from balconies in more exotic locations. Inspiration is also taken from elements of architectural lighting, such as suspension lights either used individually or in a larger setting of multiple elements hung at different heights to create cascade-like effects.

The collection includes three different models. A straight, minimalist version with a highly architectural feel that can be suspended or fixed directly to the ceiling when needed. A slightly curved option with a subtle and natural feel inspired by broken tree branches. And last but not least, a very expressive U-shape that has more visual impact and offers the possibility of hanging two plants side by side at different heights on the same suspension. 

Since the plants are hanging, they can be placed higher than if they were in a planter resting on the floor, thus showcasing their full visual appeal and taking up less space on the ground. They can also be used to structure a room when hung together in a row, creating a screen of greenery between different sections of a room. Just like large modern chandeliers, they can also be hung over a table or sitting area in rooms with high ceilings, or used to bring greenery to the center of a large staircase or atrium.

They are mainly available in two different heights to allow the creation of dynamic installations, and in a wide range of colors. All can be combined with a wide range of high-end artificial plants to create rich and varied interiors.