The “Stacked” collection tells a story specific to ceramics, a story of modern ceramics. Stacks of geometric shapes, such as those that could be found on the shelves of a ceramics workshop or in a crockery cupboard, give birth to a collection of side tables with multiple and almost infinite faces.

For each of the two sizes of coffee tables, two ceramic forms are defined, always comprising a base and a table top but, by playing with multiple and unexpected stacking logics, different combinations inspire an infinite collection of side tables. Depending on the combinations, these tables will either be more minimal or more expressive and artistic.

Each combination generates iconic and totemic shapes, to which is added the possibility of playing with color combinations on the various elements, thus further enlarging the number of possibilities. Architects will also be able to create their own versions by playing with colors or with the stacked elements in order to define new product architectures.

This collection offers the possibility of making great progress in the redefinition of product typology, as well as in its customization process, all thanks to the ancestral know-how of the Faïencerie de Charolles.