The BuzziZEPP Lamp acts as a second acoustic ceiling and should be used above a table to help improve the sound quality by especially helping with the problem of echoing sounds in the surroundings. It should ideally be used above work desks or dining tables in a public canteen, for instance.

The BuzziZEPP is a visually lightweight module with a complex internal structure designed to absorb sounds. Thanks to its extra slim lines, it appears as if floating above a table and with its disassociated hanging lighting modules, it is reminiscent of a zeppelin. The large opening at the center of the BuzziZEPP is there for the light to pass through between the ceiling and the table but also so that other lights or lighting modules can be used and passed through the structure of the BuzziZEPP.

The sound panel, as well as the lighting module, can be extended to great lengths.  The different upholstered panels should be connected to two ends using a very simple magnetic system and then suspended to the ceiling.

It goes without saying that a very wide range of fabrics can be used to customize the BuzziZEPP.