This installation was the opportunity for us to show some of our latest pieces together in order to highlight the connections, the red thread, between them since they all have been created for different brands and are usually only presented in their respective context.

The intention from the start was to create an installation, a stage, to show some of our work from the past 2/3 years. We wanted to highlight the fact that most of our work tends to be graphic and focuses on a strong construction line.

The stage is inspired by our graphic work on the New Perspective and BuzziMirrage mirrors designed respectively for Bonaldo and Buzzispace. It is then complemented by some simple architectural elements to give an overall dynamic to the presentation and define different levels.

The overall setting with its somewhat surreal and colorful graphic touch is not so remote from the surreal feeling one can experience in the Villa Arpel featured in Jacques Tati’s film “Mon Oncle”, but since it is an installation and an only an installation, it is even less realistic.

The colored lines which give an impression of perspective to this stage also show the hand of the designer and further highlight the work and thought going into each piece.