The Elements side tables are about materiality, or the discussion between materials combined to create a whole, and balance, as the collection plays with the notion of stability and instability.

The collection combines simple and honest materials, chosen for their own basic characteristics. The warmth of the wood is balanced by the marble or concrete base. The tables with their narrow bases are only stable because of the weight, but the weight itself gives the impression that it could just roll over and cause the table to fall. The round weight gives the impression of a core sample that has just been taken out of the ground. As if a raw piece of material has been placed next to a more refined wooden structure. The structure can't stand on its own, but neither could the weight without the structure!

The fact that the weight is placed on the side gives the tables their unique and graphic personality, which almost feels like an Asian character. On the other hand, the way it's placed makes it feel like it doesn't quite belong to the architecture of the piece. It doesn't feel connected to the legs of the tables, the way it's placed seems somewhat counterintuitive. You almost get the impression that if you were to lift the table, the cylinder would stay on the floor and start rolling. This in turn creates a certain element of magic and discussion within the pieces.

As mentioned before, the tables are available in different versions. The combination of concrete and wood will create soft and subtle combinations, while the richness of the marble and its veins will create more flamboyant and intriguing combinations.