The Cross lounge chair is a piece of furniture full of contrasts, where structure and soft upholstery create a discussion. It has an oversized character, with unexpected proportions and generosity. It takes its cues from historical pieces while being a modern and graphic piece.
The Cross lounge chair has a fully visible metal structure that plays with the traditional cross structures that are very often used on wooden chairs to support the seat, except in this case it has been exaggerated to become a graphic statement and a full part of its identity. Instead of being a hidden technical part that nobody pays attention to, the structure is revealed and becomes a statement. The structure itself is made up of metal tubes and plates that both reinforce and contradict each other, both visually and structurally, bringing a real freshness to the metal work. The metal plates that make up the cross are thin and only strong enough because they are used vertically. In this case, the metal cross is also cut to follow the generous curve of the seat cushion, adding some extra detail and subtlety to the structure.
The upholstered elements, the seat and the backrest, are very graphic elements with unusual proportions, welcoming the user with open arms. The seat cushion feels as if it had been inflated, while the backrest is more generous and much larger than usual. The backrest almost seems to hang in the air, since it is not connected to the armrests and is supported only by two thin tubes at the back.
One of the key features of this lounge chair is the design of its armrest. It has very modern features that are much more technical than they appear. The armrest consists of a single metal tube that is bent at the front of the chair and continues all the way to the back of the lounge chair, stopping just short of the oversized backrest. It is cut a few centimeters from the backrest and finished with a smooth, rounded end, yet it has real strength thanks to a reinforced structural core. To complete this armrest, a removable padded element is offered. It will always be in the same material and finish as the other upholstered elements of the lounge chair. The Cross lounge chair will be available either in a more minimal version without the upholstered cushions, or with them for extra comfort.
The Cross lounge chair is both a statement piece and a piece that aims to bring a sense of warmth, comfort and generosity to a residential or public project. It is very much a play between opposing lines and contrasting graphic weights.